RACE REVIEW: Cohasset Run By the Sea 10k

This past Sunday, April 6th, was the Cohasset Road Race by the Sea.

It was definitely the most beautiful race I have done this year! It should be noted that this 10k encompasses numerous hills! Be prepared to feel your quads and flutes. But, in the spirit of self-talk, what goes up must come down…so you could glide down the hills once you were up them!

There were mile signs all the way and there were kids and adults cheering and passing out waters at every mile (and even in between!) It passed beautiful mansions, bridges, and most importantly, beautiful beach scenery.

The first few miles felt long, but headed towards mile 6 I felt ready to sign up for the next marathon I found! Also, you sort of wake up and get a runners high while you keep moving. Also, this was the first sunny and warm day in FOREVER, potentially this Spring season and this race truly felt like a run towards spring.

The only CONS: parking was a bit scarce but findable, they attempted to make you wait in lines for porta potties 100 people long, and the sunburn that I got having a silly blonde moment thinking it was still the WINTER.

Afterwards there were hot dogs, orange slices, but most importantly…there was my dog and my family! All and all made for a beautiful start to Spring.

Next Race: Boston Run to Remember (13.1 Miles!) ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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