Are you addicted to being busy?

The Disease of Business 

While checking my twitter feed this morning, half asleep in my bed where I’m staying in the North End while my house gets ripped up from a New Years Flood, I read an article, “Are you addicted to being busy?” 

I realized I am probably one of the worst offenders of being busy and wearing it around like a badge. “I can work overnights and still attend law school!” “I can foster dogs, and have my own dog, make a mural wall in my hallway from pinterest while I cook a new recipe and read 700 pages of con law.” I’d be lying to say that I hadn’t considered whether my business or more than just having many interests and passions….While being busy at my age (26) is relatively ‘normal’ business can also be a symptom, as this blog article above suggests, of avoidance and defense. The blog encourages one to ask “What’s behind the to do list?”

My Answers:

  • Being afraid of dedicating a lot of time to an intimate relationship that might not work. 
  • Being nervous about what to do left with my own thoughts. 
  • Worrying about life being short and needing to get things done. 
  • Worrying that not spending time on goals is not getting me anywhere fast. 
  • Hiding some of my shyness and nerves about meeting new people or just lolly gagging around…

Finding Peace with Slowing Down: 

For me, with finals approaching, work happening, and second, third, fourth dates on the horizon…there’s not much time to slow down. However, I do think daily life moments can be focused on slowing down. The blog post suggests potential mediation, but I think for myself, at my speed, a hot tea (I just put about 100 tea bags in my purse for tea on the run) as well as trying to breathe more deeply and enjoy 10 minute walks a few times a day with my dog will be about as much as I can handle for slowing down….

I have made progress this year in terms of dedicating less time to things I just don’t care about….If you don’t feel like going out, don’t! If you feel like watching 10 House of Cards Episode with a box of milanos (mint)…proceed! 

But I’ve got miles to go in terms of enjoying the moment and 🙂 Thoughts?


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