Lola’s Favorite Things

Lola's Favorite Things

These are perfect when I need to study! I can fill them with just healthy organic peanut butter (though they sell filler better to go natural) for her.

This is a dream to have this! Would be a blast to make treats.

Lola was super sick when I got her as a puppy. I had to feed her what she would eat and she loves these! She’s picky and expects a salmon or steak nightly.
I’d love to have this. I took Lola on a Jet Blue flight to FL and she escaped her bag, wouldn’t stay in her bag, etc. This looks comfy and pups can see out of the top which would help quench anxiety.

Lola loves these harnesses. They ruin her street ‘cred’ but are adorable.

Cuddle Cup

Perfect for dogs to snuggle up in they love the soft fabric on their paws.

The Black Dog

Boston pride!

Healthy and easy! Doggie crack!

The Black Dog

To make homemade dog treats.

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