Goal Setting

Goals March 2014

I love doing my goals every three months! I usually end up doing them every six months–but I think that it’s important to be able to keep general themes and ideas on where you are headed. I love to check off my goals while I get them done. 

1 Year Goals:

Finish 1L Successfully: I finished my first year of law school! It was tough and challenging and my grades were not nearly as high as they were in social work school, but I got it done! At the end of the day, I want to help people, not be a partner at a corporate firm, so my grades aren’t terribly important. 

Keep Up Social Work While in Law School: Done! I became gainfully employed at a major Boston hospital in March where I work at least 8 hours weekly doing social work. 

Run a Half Marathon: I did two! One in Maine and one in Boston….and I loved them both! Couldn’t have done it without my best friend also running and having the support of my family and new boyfriend. 

Lose the Last 20 Pounds: This has taken a bit of a back seat due to the amount of running I am doing. 

Have a Healthy Relationship: I met J in April! He was the last person I’d expect to see myself with but thus far the person who makes me the happiest! Our relationship is healthy, happy, and a work in progress. 

Start and Keep Up Blog:  This needs work! 

Next Step: I’m about to reorganize my year long goals and add some new ones! Stay tuned! 


For anyone who wants to do their own goal sheet: http://www.lululemon.com/files/vision_goals_worksheet.pdf




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