Law School Survival Kit

Law School Survival Kit

I just ordered this after breaking two bags this year due to the heaviness of my law school casebooks. We will have to see how it does! Happy Easter to me!

Clinique flower perfume

I keep a tiny free sample one in my bag. I’m so busy I forget perfume and it keeps me awake and smelling nice for those around me!

Eos lip treatment

These are perfect to keep your lips moist. God knows you’ll be kissing law students at bar reviews as well as biting your lips of stress freak outs.

You’ll need ample highlighters. You can probably rack up a ton of free ones as people try to recruit you to take their bar class. But these are fun for the variety of colors and the fact that they don’t smear and destroy your page.

I take this everywhere with my initials on it. No one’s about to snag my initials in hot pink on it.

A surplus of post-its is key. Post-it notes, tabs, anything. You’ll need a rainbow of them to get your readings done in style and stay organized.

My favorite pens, paper mate felt tip pens! Are not listed in this, but I buy them by the 16 pack at target and color code the heck out of anything.
Stay cool and stay prepared and law school will soar by….(albeit with tons of long nights, and heavy caffeine)…